Our Vision at Osteopathic Consultancy in Camberley

Our Vision at Osteopathic Consultancy is very simple. We aim to be your musculo-skeletal healthcare provider. You can always count on us, Excellence at every contact with us.

We give immediate access to appointments 365/24/7 via online booking. We have superb telephone communications 6 days a week. We automate email confirmation of appointments with all relevant information provided. We provide free personal and friendly return telephone calls and emails at any stage.

We carry out insightful case history taking. Showing you what is happening and more importantly why it is happening.

Our aim is for all patients to know we are always here for you. Not only as excellent health care professionals with outstanding results, but we are here to help you through life’s aches and pains.

  •  Superb Access – 365 days 24/7 Online Booking. 6 Days a week Telephone Service
  •  Outstanding Communications
  •  Clinical excellence – Not just regulatory standards
  •  Commitment – Long standing and experienced Team.
  •  Flexible appointments