Our Connections

General Osteopathic Council (GOsC)

The General Osteopathic Council is the Osteopaths regulatory standards. These are minimum regulatory standards for Osteopaths in the U.K. They require Osteopaths to behave in a certain way. Including confidentiality, how we should treat, what we should treat, patient consent and continuing professional development (CPD).

Professional Standards – www.osteopathy.org.uk/standards

IO – Institute of Osteopathy

Our Osteopaths are all members of the Institute of Osteopathy it gives them the right support to continue to keep up to date, growth and to improve as an Osteopath. They are a vital link to the Osteopathic Community for the clinic and the Osteopaths. We can access continuing professional development (CPD) as a clinic and as Osteopaths.

About the Institute of Osteopathy – www.osteopathy.org/the-io/the-work-of-the-council

Frimley Cricket Club

Frimley Cricket Club is a cricket club local to the clinic. Alex Watson the principal is a qualified level 2 cricket coach. He is an age group coach for the club, and has been since 2010. He loves coaching the children and in 2015 our age group won the West Surrey League for the under 10’s and also the Glady’s Chitty league. We were really proud of all our young players. Sharon Watson partner and practice manager is the Welfare Officer for the club also.

1st4sport Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Children’s Cricket (QCF) – www.1st4sportqualifications.com

Rushmoor Royals Swimming Club

Rushmoor Royals Swimming Club is a local club to our clinic. Alex Watson the principle is a master’s swimmer at the club. As a clinic we have seen many swimmers from Rushmoor Royals and many other clubs locally.

Our Local clubs –

Sports and clubs

We have seen so many sports people over the years. Professional football players, Professional golfers, Masters world champion swimmers, International weight lifters, Veteran world champion runners, national and county level basketball, International Sailors, netball players, Black belts in various martial arts, Dancers / Dance teachers, Yoga and Pilates teachers and people that just like to be fit.

  •  Golfers
  •  Footballers
  •  Swimmers
  • Runners
  •  Cyclists
  •  Basketball
  •  Sailors
  • Netball
  •  Canoeing
  •  Cricket
  •  Hockey
  •  Weight lifters
  •  Horse Riders
  • Martial Arts
  •  Athletics
  •  Gymnastics
  • Skiers
  • Snowboarders