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Alex Watson BSc (HONS) OST

CEO and Clinical Director

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I founded Osteopathic Consultancy in July 2000 after qualifying from The British School Of Osteopathy. With help from my wife Sharon, Osteopathic Consultancy has grown considerably over the years. The path of Osteopathy was shown to me when I had a shoulder injury whilst swimming. I swam at National Level for many years until my shoulder injury. I then had mainstream medical treatment to try to help my pain. This ended with an Orthopaedic operation on my shoulder. At this time my swimming coach gave me the idea of going to see an Osteopath. I was quite negative about having help from what I saw it at the time as a non-mainstream medical practitioner. I was in such bad pain my parents and I thought we would give it a go. I was very impressed with the Osteopath I saw, his knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology was second to none and he greatly helped my shoulder, leading me to be pain free.

Through my teenage years I also played Football at county and Golf at district standard. With this obvious background in sports I always assumed that my path in Osteopathy would follow sports injuries. When training at the British School Of Osteopathy my interest in sports was maintained, but I began to realise that the use of general Osteopathic medicine could bring great benefits to all types of people from all walks of life. Within the course at The British School of Osteopathy numerous special clinics were run. I participated in these clinics, which consisted of paediatric (children’s) maternity, geriatric (elderly people) and the sports clinic.

In my clinic I see patients from all walks of life and I absolutely love it.

Nathan Cook M Ost


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I obtained my M Ost degree in Osteopathy from Swansea University and I also have further qualifications in instrument assisted soft tissue (IASTM), Kinesiology taping and combined Sports & rigid taping.

Alongside my studies I have worked in care helping children with a wide range of complex needs. This gave me a greater understanding of the importance of individuals having the right support for their needs in any context. This reinforces my desire to help others receive the right care. As part of my studies I undertook extensive research centred around the Autonomic nervous system with the goal of developing new approaches in reducing pain and treating bodily dysfunction, this research has provided the base of my treatment approach.

Throughout my studies I  have worked as a student osteopath in multiple clinics focussing on pregnancy, sports injuries, chronic pain and general complaints. Outside of studies I have a background in multiple sports competing in combined Mixed martial arts including Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu jitsu and Thai boxing.

Sharon Watson BSc (HONS)

Practice Manager

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I graduated in 1997 with BSC (Hons) in Social Care Psychology and Counselling. I then completed a post graduate qualification in public sector management at a London University. I am also a level 5 qualified specialist Teacher for learners with dyslexia. I previously worked as a NHS waiting list manager for a London hospital trust. I joined the Osteopathic Consultancy family in 2001 as a practice manager and partner in the business. The clinic has grown considerably over the years. My role within the business started as frontline reception. I work more in the background now working on the strategy and progression of the clinic.

Hayley Phillips


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I started working here at Osteopathic Consultancy in May 2017 as the clinic administrator.

I was the weekend administrator at DFS for nearly three years prior to joining the Osteopathic Consultancy family. I decided to change my career as my son was due to start infant school in September and  I wanted to find something part time.

I have loved my time at the clinic so far, working closely with Sharon and the Osteopaths. I love the patient contact in the clinic, this is my favourite part. I love helping our patients. We are a busy clinic and I love working under pressure. I am really looking forward to my future with Osteopathic Consultancy and watching the clinic develop further.